International engineering

Promote technical exchanges and project cooperation between Zhejiang’s foreign contracted engineering enterprises and relevant institutions and enterprises in the field of international engineering construction, show the strength of our province’s foreign contracted engineering enterprises, and discuss the industry’s development through exchanges with foreign engineering construction-related institutions and enterprises Development trend, business orientation and cooperation opportunities.

Digital Education

Bring together first-class digital education institutions at home and abroad, put teachers and learners in a digital teaching environment, and look forward to the future development trend of education.

Film & Television

Covering film and television content development, program production, global broadcasting, cooperative co-production and other content, helping the two-way interaction of domestic and foreign film and television industries, creating more opportunities for cooperation.

Digital Finance

A new generation of financial services that combines the Internet and information technology with traditional financial service formats. Including Internet payment, mobile payment, online banking, etc.

Digital City Service

Open up the system and services of the city through the use of various information technology or innovative concepts, in order to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize urban management and services, and enhance the quality of life of citizens.


Including software, big data processing and storage, artificial intelligence, mobile solutions, data security solutions and other it related content, gathering high-quality IT enterprises to make information exchange more efficient.

Digital Hangzhou

New models such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and collaborative manufacturing have a strong momentum of development, bringing new opportunities and challenges to accelerate the development of "digital Hangzhou". In order to promote and realize the leapfrog development of economy and society, Hangzhou must conform to the development trend of Internet, speed up the use of new generation information technology to upgrade and transform traditional industries, serve the transformation of government functions and improve people's livelihood, and accelerate the construction of "digital Hangzhou".

Cartoon & Game

Gather excellent animation game works,rely on digital, network and information technology to transform and innovate traditional animation games from form to content.

Digital Russia

The Russian Export Center (REC) is affiliated to the Russian Export Group (a state-ministerial unit), and promotes Russian companies to conduct global trade through economic and trade activities with Zhejiang companies.

Training Center

Covers training video related to the digital construction of Zhejiang Province.

Info Hub

The activity center will release the latest industry activities, city activities and industry information of the whole province.